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 1.  Do you charge for an investigation?

      GAPS - No.  We will never charge for an investigation nor do we accept donations. If you would like to donate something, please consider donating to a local
                   charity.  Mission Arlington or Arlington Life Shelter are a couple that provide a valuable service to the community.

2.  What do you do with the evidence you collect?

    GAPS - After an investigation is complete, we gather all the evidence we have collected and present it to the client.  Investigations and evidence collected are                           confidential.  If the evidence is something we would like to share with the paranormal community, we will ask the client's permission to publish the                                 evidence.  We do keep a record of every investigation.

3.  Are you afraid when you do an investigation?

   GAPS - Afraid? No.  Cautious? Yes.  Investigations on the surface may seem like we are investigating a scary ghost story, the real concern is the overall safety of                      the clients and the investigative team.   Safety first is not just a slogan.  This means that all involved must practice safe investigation techniques, which                          include both the physical and spiritual.  This means studying the location and clients to gain the best understanding of what is occurring and preparing                          yourself  in all aspects of the investigation.  Every investigation is different and so you must be diligent in preparations to ensure the safest investigation.

4.  I would like to get into ghost hunting.  What do I need to do?

    GAPS - Think carefully.  Try and really determine what you are really looking to accomplish.  Do yo want to be  a Ghost Hunter or a Paranormal Investigator?  While                   these may seem to be the same thing, they are not.  If you are just looking for scary fun and chase ghosts, then you will want to rethink your objective.                          Paranormal Investigators approach the paranormal from a scientific approach as they investigate. The meticulous work of a Paranormal Investigator isn't                      the glamorous world that some TV Shows make it out to be and many people make the mistake of going into this work with that attitude.  We look for                            evidence in our investigations and most of the times we spend hours with no evidence.  If you are interested in Paranormal Investigations, I would suggest                    enrolling in Universal Class' On-Line class, "Paranormal 101" to provide you with a solid foundation of what this work is about and whether or not it is                   something you really want to do.

5.  I think I have some paranormal activity.  What should I do?

    GAPS - Even if you only suspect activity, give us or another Paranormal Investigative Team a call to discuss.  We have an on-line form that you can provide some                      basic information and we can review your concerns with you.  Not everything is paranormal. Let us help you.  That is what we are here to do.

6.  I would like to join your team.  What do I need to do?

    GAPS - We are always open to new team members.  Our interest in the paranormal is something we want to share with others as is yours.  If you are interested,                       drop us a line and let us know that you are interested and provide some background information about yourself and especially why you would like to join
                 us.  While we may not accept every request to join our team, we are open to helping others gain experience in paranormal investigations.

7. Are you going to preach religion to me when investigating?
    GAPS -  While the topic of religion may come up during an investigation, it is not the intent of this group to convert anyone to any belief. We will simply perform the                     investigation and present the evidence. If the client wishes to discuss religious aspects we will engage in that discussion but it is up to the client.

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