Greater Arlington Paranormal Society
Just wondering...
1)  Is it just me or does it seem like most paramormal investigators on TV  cuss like sailors?

2) Why do some of the paranormal investigators on TV act like they are all brave and stuff but then jump and scream like a little baby at the first sight of paranormal activity?

3) When will the TV Investigators use helmet cams so we can see what they see instead of them saying they see something and by the time the hand held camera or the TV camera turns to capture what was there it is gone?  They can afford the $5000 for a FLIR but can't afford a $200 Helmet Camera?

4) I know it's supposed to be entertainment, but come on, can we kill the music that plays constantly during the investigations? 

5) Why are the investigative teams so noisy on television?  They talk, talk, talk and then hear something so then it's shh, sshhh, shh...

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