On-Line Request for Investigation

If you would prefer to complete this form off-line and send it in to us, please click below to download the form.  Once you have the form completed please call us at the number on the form for further information.

Download Form Here
If you would like the team to investigate your location, please complete the information below and click the submit button.  We will be in contact with you about your request.  We understand that this is a rather large series of questions but in order for GAPS to proceed with any investigation, this form must be completed to the best of your ability.

All information contained within this form is considered confidential and will not be discussed outside of the GAPS group without the express written consent of the parties involved. 

Remember that GAPS does not charge for investigations. 

We ask that you please be a truthful and as forthcoming as possible in completing this form as well as in describing the events that have occurred at the location. 

Safety is important for all involved.  If some of the questions seem personal or out of place, please do not be offended.  Each question below is asked for a reason. 

It is imperative that the team understands the paranormal activity that is occurring at the location.  This is not an attempt to “try and create evidence.”  This is in order for the team to prepare themselves for what may be at the center of the activity.  We believe that there are entities that are not friendly and have a desire to inflict harm to people.  If such an entity exists at your location, we need to be prepared to encounter it.

Please remember that we are seekers of the truth and are not in this to get gain, fame or fortune.  We are looking for evidence that we can share with you and others in the world of the paranormal

Investigation Request (Please complete the information below.  Just click in the box and overwrite the information.)








Before submitting this form, please answer “YES” the following questions.  If the answer is “NO” to any of these statements it doesn’t necessarily exempt this location from investigation, it merely means we will need further information from you.

Once you are satisfied with your answers to the questions above, click the submit button below and we will be in contact with you.