About Us...

The Greater Arlington Paranormal Society was founded in 2010.

We believe that there are things in this world that are paranormal.

We believe that there are things that seem paranormal but are actually explainable.

We are an organization that will investigate paranormal events of any kind. 

We formed this organization as a means to share with others the experiences we have had over the years.

We formed this organization to provide others with an opportunity to share their experiences with others.

We do not charge any fees for investigating paranormal events.

We are dedicated to finding the truth when we perform an investigation even if it means there is no paranormal activity. 

We do not fabricate evidence.

We will not manipulate, encourage or entice anyone into believing or not believing in paranormal activity.

We will perform the investigation and let the evidence speak for itself.

We believe that  eyewitness testimony is essential.

We will use a variety of investigative techniques to perform our investigations.

We believe in God and Jesus Christ and carry that belief with us when we investigate. 

We will not try and proselyte while on an investigation.  While the topic of religion may come up during an investigation, it is not the intent of this group to convert anyone to any belief.  We will simply perform the investigation and present the evidence. If the client wishes to discuss religious aspects we will engage in that discussion but it is up to the client.

We will be professional and discreet in our investigations.  We will not use a client’s name for gain.

We will use a client’s name in association with an investigation only with a signed released form allowing us to do so and this will be only in conjunction with evidence gathered. 

We will never reveal the address of a client.