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Paranormal – Not Scientifically Explainable

The Greater Arlington Paranormal Society offers the following links for informational purposes only.  We are not responsible for their content or necessarily have the same viewpoint on what they present.  These are strictly to offer you a page with links to various paranormal sites from investigators, television, movies, and paranormal sites in general.  We hope you find them interesting.  Please send us a note if you find a broken link from any of the links below. 

We will update from time to time so check back with us…

Paranormal Investigators and Groups

Ghost Village

Welcome to -- the Web's most popular paranormal destination according to and; and the largest supernatural resource. We're also home to author Jeff Belanger and his books. 

Mystic Ghost

Please look for Mystic Ghost on Facebook.

ASUP, Inc.  (Association of the Study of Unexplained Phenomenon)

Paranormal Research and Educational Corporation with it's headquarters in Rockwall, Texas. Our mission is to research and study all paranormal phenomenon in the pursuit of possible proof of individual survival of human personality after death and to help support the efforts of similar organizations to that end and to educate the public as to those findings. We cover Dallas, Ft. Worth, Denton, McKinney, Plano, Irving, Sherman, Tyler, Whicita Falls, Arlington, Mineral Wells, Waxahachie, Greenville, Waco and the surrounding areas in North Texas.  Our founder, Rick Moran started this organization over 38 years ago.

24 Hour Paranormal

24 Hour Paranormal is a highly trained team of paranormal investigators. All of our members are volunteers and do this to further our understanding of the paranormal universe and to help others in need. All of our paranormal investigators have been studying their craft for years. We are involved with different groups around the North Texas area and work closely with Mediums & Intuitives. We came together in December of 2013 to help those with the unknown. We are now official members of GAC (Ghost Adventures Crew). Contact us to schedule an investigation for your residence, property, business or if you want to report, study or to obtain help with paranormal activity. All of our investigations are confidential. Please enjoy the website and keep checking for new updates.

Texas Paranormal Listing

A list of groups serving the Great State of Texas


DAPS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the scientific study and data collection of the paranormal.  Our mission is to, first and foremost, assist and educate clients who are experiencing paranormal phenomenon by providing rational explanations or validation by means of hard data about the occurrences.  We also strive to further the field of paranormal research by validating phenomenon through the use of data collection by use of photography, audio, video, as well as other acceptable methods in the field.

Ft. Worth Ghost Meet Up

WE ARE NOT AN INVESTIGATIVE TEAM!! This is a meetup group for Ghost Trackers, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Researchers, Psychics and anyone interested in all areas of the paranormal, including ghost hunting, UFO's, psychic abilities, past-life, etc., that live in the DFW area. Membership is open to all who are interested in the paranormal. Please see our rules under "About Us."  This is an informal gathering of investigative groups, as well as individuals who share a passion for the paranormal. We meet on random Saturdays of the month at various locations in the DFW Metroplex area to discuss a variety of topics. See "Events" for more information. As this is an informal gathering, we do not guarantee that every meetup will have an activity following the meeting, nor do we guarantee that we will always have guest speakers. Sometimes we just gather to meet new members, share information, pictures, stories, EVP's and try to educate each other on new ideas, equipment, etc. in the paranormal field.

TAPS - Atlantic Paranormal Society

Ghosts R Us - Pennsylvania

Society for Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal Miscellaneous

Glynda's Ghost Pages

Find A Grave

Paranormal Locations around the Globe

Evansville Haunted Library 

Paranormal Television

Ghost Hunters - This is SyFy’s webpage for the television series Ghost Hunters.

Ghost Hunters International - This is SyFy’s webpage for the television series Ghost Hunters International.