The Greater Arlington Paranormal Society welcomes all who have an interest in the paranormal and if you have considered joining an investigation team, please read the following and complete the form below. It is important to know about each member of the Team and potential new members as investigation is first and foremost to help the client with their paranormal issues.

Safety first! is more than just a saying. Safety for the client and each of the team members is the most important thing we do.  
Investigating the paranormal is more than setting up cameras and EVP recordings. As investigators, our priority is to help our clients. We do this through interviews, discussions, and investigations.

The purpose of an investigation is to look for answers to the issues raised by the client. We will treat their request to investigate as a legitimate claim to paranormal activity until proven otherwise. We will investigate, catalog any evidence collected, and share this with the client. As noted elsewhere, we will not fabricate evidence.

Please be mindful that we all have varying degrees of experience with the paranormal. Even those with years of experience in the paranormal are still learning. Each investigation, conversation, or class we participate in helps improve our understanding of the paranormal. Unfortunately, some believe their experiences and knowledge are superior to other team members, something we will not tolerate in our group.

Lastly, we enjoy open and honest discussions about paranormal activity. If this interests you, and you find yourself wanting to join us, please complete the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.
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